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Import and export of Transportation category

Plate types of import and export transportation, there are many, a common transportation, inland transportation, Post, three road transport, for the other three types of import and export transportation, the more vulnerable Yiwu dealers are welcome, its according lies in their transportation costs and transportation security is relatively in line with the needs of both parties and both sides shipping transportation side!

 Specifically describes common import and export transportation categories are:
 1, road transport
 Road Transport (roadtransportation) is a modern mode of transport, it can not only be directly transported into or out of foreign trade in goods, but also stations, ports and airports, an important means of distribution and export of goods.

 2, inland waterway transport
 IWT (inlandwatertransportation) is an important part of water transport, which is connected to the hinterland and coastal areas of the bond, plays an important role in the transport and distribution of import and export cargo.

 3, parcel transport
 Parcel transport (parcelposttransport) is a relatively simple means of transportation. Laid down agreements and contracts between the national postal sector, through these agreements and contracts, mail parcels countries can transfer phase to form an international parcel transport network. Because of the international nature of international multimodal transport parcels and the "door to door" transport, combined, simplicity, cost is not high, so the mode of transport has become widely used in international trade in one.

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